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Welcome To CancerConnext for Cancer Patients

A place where you can find support, resources and connect with others who are going through a similar journey.


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Safe and Welcoming

Our community is designed to be safe and welcoming for anyone affected by cancer, including pateints, survivors, care givers and loved ones. We offer a wide range of events, webinars, mentorship and doctor counselling services to help you navigate the various stages of cancer treatment and recovery.

Live Community Trends

Stay yp to date with the latest trends in cancer treatments and care through our live community trends feature.

Support and Care

We believe that no one has to face cancer alone, and our online community here is to provide you with the support, resources and connections you need to navigate this challenging journey. Join us today and becme a part of our community of hope and healing.


50+ Webinars


25+ Mentors


40+ Doctors


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Trust and Worth

What Our Fighters Say

Engineering Manager

Sumedha Rangnathan

Pyrum helped me fix my mental stress with improving my confidence. The counselling worked wonders for me. Thanks!


Ranjeeta Pillai

My cancer journey wouldn't have been so easy without CancerConnext. The community is widely available and so supportive.

Interior Designer

Arvind Vashishtha

My cancer jounrey wouldn't have been so smooth without cancerconnext and pyrum team. Thanks for the care.