Cancer Journey

The Journey of a Cancer Pateint Can Be Challenging

We Support Throughout

Pre Screening Stage

No Symptoms

Initial Discovery


During Treatment


Post Treatment


Pre Screening Stage

The pre-screening phase precedes the onset of cancer symptoms, targeting individuals with heightened risk factors such as family history or lifestyle choices. Its objective is to detect high-risk individuals early, facilitating timely screening and improving treatment outcomes.

Initial Discovery Stage

Cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones navigate a world of unfamiliar terms and critical decisions. This crucial stage focuses on pinpointing the cancer’s extent (stage) through diagnostic tests, allowing doctors to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Stage

The treatment stage is where patients actively fight their cancer. This often involves a combination of therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, each with its own benefits and side effects. Patients navigate both the physical challenges of treatment and the emotional toll. Here, a strong support system becomes crucial.

Post Treatment Stage

The post-treatment stage is when patients complete their treatment and enter into survivorship. This stage can be both a time of relief and anxiety as patients adjust to life after cancer and monitor for any signs of recurrence.

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