Cancer Journey

The Journey of a Cancer Pateint Can Be Challenging

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Pre Screening Stage

No Symptoms

Initial Discovery


During Treatment


Post Treatment


Pre Screening Stage

The pre-screening stage is the period before any symptoms of cancer appear. During this stage, individuals may have an increased risk of developing cancer due to their family history, lifestyle choices, or other factors. The goal of pre-screening is to identify individuals at high risk of cancer so that they can be screened earlier and have a better chance of successful treatment.

Initial Discovery Stage

The initial discovery stage is when cancer is first diagnosed. This stage can be overwhelming and confusing for patients and their loved ones as they navigate the diagnosis and treatment process. The goal of this stage is to determine the extent of the cancer and develop a treatment plan.

During Treatment Stage

During treatment, patients undergo various therapies to treat their cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. This stage can be physically and emotionally challenging for patients as they cope with the side effects of treatment.

Post Treatment Stage

The post-treatment stage is when patients complete their treatment and enter into survivorship. This stage can be both a time of relief and anxiety as patients adjust to life after cancer and monitor for any signs of recurrence.

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